The world environment is so much damaging our sensitivities. Do we, as parents, teachers realise these developments?

Are our children growing up in this environment of utter insensitivity?

We are not sure how far the education community is sensitive to these questions.

Consider some of the developments. September 11, commonly referred to as “9/11″ came, reminding us the horrors of Sept. 11,2001. There were stories of the impact on children. Children were traumatised.

Young children who lost parents on Sept. 11 as estimated 3,000 boys and girls who are all working through their own puzzles of bewilderment and sorrow. There are scores of orphans, permanent trauma, a generation forever marred. The children of the dead, despite brave charities work, would recede from public memories, Right? Yes, you are right! In India, who would care for far off children’s woes. Our own insensitivities towards our own children, millions of children outside class rooms is a dark thought. The report from USA is disturbing. Yes the president of the nation is unapologistic, for so much suffering in Iraq and Iraqi children in similar plight.

In far off Russia, a different kind of trauma is unfolding.

The Beslan survivors, the narration of the gory killing of fellow school kids is more daunting. Most of Beslan’s 885 children and 56 teachers, parents, grandparents, siblings the event on Sept. 1, 2004 would be years before there is any recovery from the trauma of undescribable proportions. Therapies, physical, psychological and psychiatric therapies are administer, millions of rubles allocated. Survivors would be redistributed among seven other schools in Beslan School would be demolished for ever. A memorial for the 350 died would come up in the place.


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