So, teach more foreign languages!

The world is changing. More wealth is being created now than in any previous generations. More Indian families are migrating toforeign countries. So, be prepared. That is the message.A report in the American press brings home the latest need for more new language speaking persons. One car distribution firm in California, a Korean, had engaged so many bilingual persons in his firm. He says:”
More inguinal customers come to me. So, I need more bilingual associates” Mr.Kang 41, migrated from Korea to the USA now has a knack attracting bilingual associates. His salesmen at the Lon Beach Honda office, speak Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Chinese and Spanish. More than 15 per cent of customers would prefer or feel comfortable when the salespersons could speak in any one of their mother tongue. Mother tongues are as many as there are nationalities. When a customer comes and shows interest to be spoken to in his or her native tongue, no problem! Mr.Kanga has one who just speaks that very language. The customers want to negotiate, higgle-haggle and why not, they are welcome to do so!

A firm handshake and a friendly disposition, a hay or a hello is just the beginning. The conversation starts easily if the particular language of the customer is spoken in the firm! A new foreign language is a plus for additional businessmen the company. So, the point is that English alone is not enough.

Today, in any country or any society, even inside India, there are always people in a city or even in a village where more than one language is spoken and people fell an instant affinity if someone could converse with the people in their own mother tongue.
Business in a city like California,it is found,needs more languages speaking sales people. 25 per cent of California’s population 5 year old and up are speaking Spanish at home, according to the US census bureau.

Chinese is next, and then Tagalog,a language from the Philippines. Diane Davis who teaches Spanish business,culture and language course says the government and the business themselves are interested in executives learning different languages.

There are in the business world that are in need of new language speakers.
Right now executives who speak Spanish and Mandarin have a more competitive edge in the job markets.Also more domestic customer support firms are using new language speakers to attract customers in those languages. There are also new language speaking schools.

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