Read what the English and Americans write these days!

Poor expressions, more cliches, more ungrammatical writing habits,the very titles of the books would give the readers some ideas: Lost for words, obbledygook. Yes, this is the message for the Indian schools and colleges! Why? See the way the English language is written by even the best journalists and writers in England, America. We have not formed an opinion of the Indians who write English novels and won prizes in UK.

One is Nirad Choudhary whose English was rated so high.But then he hadn’t much to say on anything of lasting value,except on himself! Much good English writings are scholars and scientists. Only when you write on the real issues,great truths,you get the language,not just in English or any in other language ready to grow and evolve. Richard Dawkins,the biologist/ evolutionist whose books are rated high for their thoughts as well for the way English language is being written. The English, like the Indians, were once, in the 12th century under the conquest of foreign occupants, the Normans! We are told they had to assimilate the Norman expressions into their native English. It must have been a terrible language shock for the English to assimilate the foreign words.Very much like our language chauvinists today who show hostility to absorb the English and other words into our dear Tamil or Kannada or Hindi? Now,linguists have not much role to correct the language.

London is always the melting pot, whatever the Londeners speak becomes the standard English.And more and more whatever the BBC choses to pronounce becomes the standard pronounciation! Language police commissioners,please take note!

London, is always the melting pot, whatever the Londoners speak becomes the standard Language police commissioners,please take note!Where sleaze abounds, cliches rule, semi-colons neglected and the whole world do not care! The liberal educationists and the liberation lingusitics have to co-exist and the treachery of the puritans had all failed in teaching of good English.

Out with penmanship,out with received pronounciation, enunciation, good grammar and the well-made essay-all are now the preserve of the declining small circle of educators! One writer informs us that the British universities entrants in 2004 “are unable to do what once expected of children who had just finished primary school”.Now, more and more buzz words! Politicians,the political correctness had made more and more unintelligible verbal smokescreens for plain English! Then,what about the Indian-Americans? Do Indians feel sensitive to this expression? Perhaps, we Indians do not bother about these niceties?All we care may be sheer survival game! But this black American cares and resents much about the references to the black English.One writer,in sheer desparation says:”Why won’t the buggers tell us what they mean?” “Correct uage”is now out of fashion, in this Internet age,it seems. We refer to the great writers and thinkers like Paul Johnson, now a regular columnist to the equally prestigious Spectator.He these days writes some very silly prose!

The latest one on the Royal family’s latest problem,the Queen’s grandson who even after educated at the Eton College, proves a poor speaker and follower of etiquette.This, Johnson takes a whole coloumn to enlighten his readers.

The latest one on the Royal family’s latest problem,the Queen’s grandson who even after educated at the Eton College, proves a poor speaker and follower of etiquette.This, Johnson takes a whole column to enlighten his readers. Anyway,the current English writing by English men and American women journalists(why there are more American women journalists?) make for atrocious English. Please read them,if they interest you.But please don’t take their writings as good English.They are just plain “cliches,sludge and management-speak”!

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