How media brands are built?

Just now I read how Singapore is the number one tech-savvy economy. Beating America to the fifth position in the “Networked Readiness Index” by the World Economic Forum.U.S.lost its top position after a three year reign. India and China have improved their positions at 39 and 41! Japan and South Korea are close rivals in this game of innovative technologies.Some of the world’s best known brands have come from these three countries. My own favourite brands,among companies are IBM, Sony and now Apple. A reflection on what these mean for our lives and activities. A series of coincidences! Yes,that is how I like to describe the many things that happened or I did in the last few days. These past few days had brought home to me the vast array of new technologies,from computers to latest devices that had changed the way we live,do our businesses and enjoy our work and leisure.

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He can’t compare India with China! He should ask Indian achievers!

The Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh was in Bangalore recently. He met the state leaders, fine. Bangalore is the IT capital of India. Some of the best success stories in IT, Biotechnology are here. One doesn’t know what the PM had seen and learnt from the Bangalore’s successes, be it technology, or infrastructure. Bangalore is equally proud of its urban governance. So, from faster economic growth to urban infrastructure development to effective governance models, Bangalore can teach lots of lessons for the Central government.

Even in the planning processes, the IT CEOs have shared lots of thoughts with the public. Industry leaders like Azim Premji, Nandan Nilekani, Kiran Karnik, not to speak of the redoubtable Narayanamurthy are some of the achievers. Kiran Mazumdar is another achiever in the biotech sphere. One hopes the PM had taken back with him the thoughts and experiences of these leaders.

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Confidence, energy and a new upbeat mood!

India, a happening place? Yes, yes, say observers. Go anywhere in Bangalore and what you see is the furious speed! Why? There is development on all fronts. Rising glass and concrete can’t but dazzle you. There are all the big names in MNCs, the new economy names: Intel, IBM, Oracle, Accenture and what else. All are in Bangalore, now it seems for permanent settling down!

More cheering for the country, for the ordinary men and women is the fact that is a rising employment generation for the best qualified. Be they, IT pros, new type high entrepreneurs, Internet businesses or BPO or even engineer and doctors, they are all now coming back to India. Yes, home coming is the new phenomenon, the new reverse migration. The growing offshoring combined with rising employment opportunities in India is drawing Indian IT professionals settled abroad, back to the country.

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India’s big breakthrough in technological skills now!
Yes, this is no exaggeration! Indians now seem to be achieving highest world class skills in a variety of technological skills.

There is now a revolution unprecedented. I mean the IT revolution. A new generation of highly skilled engineering graduates, a few lakhs, who have transformed into a software super power. Of course, the industry leaders like Narayanamurthy had cautioned us, pointing out we are still a miniscule software exporter, considering the world market. China’s IT export is to touch 200 billion dollars! But the point is that this achievement, reached so far, had transformed the minds and imaginations of the new generation.

India is now the “call centre” of the world, the 1,00,000 young men and women are earning in figures what their elders couldn’t have imagined all their government service jobs, just a generation ago.

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Our leaders must understand the young generations mood
Yes, the CPI (M) Politbureau that met in New Delhi recently saw the West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee clashing with his colleagues over the need for banningany strikes in the IT sector in the State. West Bengal under the this now wise CM is trying to get out of a stagnant phase that was started by no less a veteran Communist than the venerable Jyoti Basu. Basu was also present along with the new boss, Prakash Karat, the more bourgeois type middle class urbane Communist.

What was shocking is that these highly dedicated and also highly off-tract men had the gumption to say that IT is not an essential service!

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