Many unanswered questions

India is an open country and there is much vitality in the system to express fearless opinion. Only this fearlessness might perhaps give India its fuller strength in times of challenge and might compensate for what deficiencies we find in the present governance.

There is an air of complacency and self-congratulation in New Delhi! After the Indo-US nuclear deal everything seems to have been settled for this government. As Kuldip Nayar points out that the nuclear deal has only opened up some unsettled issues for not only India but more so for  Pakistan and China. There are so many on-going talks, with the two countries and with China there is a border discussion at the moment and Defence  Minister has postponed his visit to China and there are anxieties about how the strategic relationships with the two countries, also with USA, will all evolve.

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The rural “pastoral idyll, a dream fantasy” farming is, yes a bloody profession today but it can regain its old value system and might become or turned to be a perennial source of inspiration.

Every morning the first thing  we do in Bangalore is to call the village, some 300 km away, and talk to our house workers, the maid servants, the farm manager, farm workers, the daily wage labour, the others who are all on  different assignments. The cows have to be milked in time, milk taken to the co-op sales point, the veterinary doctors to be attended and other routines of running farm have all to be attended to. The villagers in our blood veins survive and our day in the city doesn’t start without these preliminaries are gone through!

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Why farmers have to be defensive when they demand for an account of the performance of this government and its priorities? There is a news report and it is with full of data on the progress of the NREGA projects in Gujarat, Bihar, Orissa, MP, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Rajasthan. Also the two districts represented by Sonia Gandhi (Rae Bareli) and Raghuvansh Prasad (Vaishali) in Bihar are also monitored. The NREGA, it is made clear, is yet to take off in these two constituencies.

“Not a single beneficiary has so far been enrolled for work under the NREGA that guarantees a minimum of 100 days work at minimum wage for needy people in 200 districts. Barring Assam, none of the 14 other Congress-ruled states is taking advantage of the NRGEA.” If the records are to be believed, not a single person has enrolled for work under the scheme in AP from where the top leadership launched the programme.

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A new optimism, high expectations mark the beginning.


Mr.H.D.Kumaraswamy, the new Chief Minister of Karnataka has taken over power in a more daring and a politically complicated manner. Yes, in politics sometimes things happen not in all rational and transparent manners.

But then political power is a reality. And now the new CM has taken over, there seems to be a great deal of earnestness and a serious minded commitment for giving the state a new deal.

Certainly the speed with which the new CM had gone about in launching the Metro Rail project would earn him a historic place in the scheme of things. All the signs of the times and his horoscope (he seems to be a great believer in god’s mercies) seem to be in his favor.

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Economists also can’t promote economic development!

We are having an economic expert as the Prime Minister. Is it an advantage or a disadvantage? A big question indeed! But we feel a time has come to ask such big questions. At least, for the sake of getting some clarity. Clarity on what is being aired everyday in the public realm as well as what is in fact the basic thrust for much of our economic development. The PM often, nay, in fact routinely talks of achieving an economic growth rate of 8/10 per cent. The Planning Commission Deputy too talks this way. Mr.Ahluwalia too is an economic expert in the mould of the PM.

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