My interests, concerns, tastes and temperaments!

Freedoms of man, my critical core belief.

I can’t pretend to be other than what I am!

What am I? Who am I?

Such a question or questions can be posed as a plain simple self-questioning at a more pedestrian life. Or, such a question can be taken more seriously at a more philosophical level. The two levels interest me!

Yes, mere existence or to use a more heavy, philosophical-sounding “existential” questions, the way we live, the way we go about, the way we believe or do’ things’ the more material world of life and living interests me as much as the more sustained self-questioning that comes with a philosophical bent of mind. The subject of what interest me might range over wider areas of one’s life, one’s interests and one’s learning and much more challengingly what one had gone through life, the battles fought and lost and won! Yes, such thoughts and such experiences in this bad world only shape one’s outlook on life and world. I don’t see myself only in one dimension; there are many dimensions to my life and so many wider interests too!

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Vidarbha farmers’ continued suicides haunt the Prime Minister and the Agri Minister!

What needs to be done?  Prime Minister must deliver or ……!

Prime Minister had visited the farmers’ suicide zone of India, Vidarbha and listened to the farmers’ problem!  It is a nice gesture after two years of so much indifference! The CWC had seen sharp differences of opinion about the performance of the key players in the economic ministries.  The statistics provided by the Finance Minister about the prices rise didn’t find favour with many members.  This is a reflection on the handling of the price front as well as the entire farmers’ suicide trial that haunted the Prime Minister and the reluctant Agri Minister who followed him to Vidarbha!

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Will the nuclear deal with USA ensure energy security for India?

That civilian nuclear power is not going to come to help us in any near-term future.

There is a steep rise in fuel prices. The Congress play a cynical drama by Sonia posing as the saviour of the poor, the Left and the BJP do what they know, taking a procession on the Delhi streets! Is this all to fuel shortages?  Bush can be taken not a safe nuclear expert!  There are so many technical, economic and even political and military issues and that too when the USA is debating the Iran nuclear power plant and when India is also being drawn into such international strategic buildups, to talk of nuclear power as if it can be tapped at our will is a near fantasy.

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Our economy must be managed more efficiently!

Two years of Dr.Manmohan Singh Prime Ministership seem to have brought home many weaknesses without much to talk about many highpoints.  The management of the economy leaves much room for efficient and alert management.

The Prime Minister might have imagined that 2 years in office is a time for celebrations. But suddenly he is caught in a multiple crisis situation. The OBC quota, next, the office of profit Bill is yet to be resolved. Or, this will be the end of the road for him? Manmohan Singh’s virtues seem to have run out of steam. After all how long can you live with the typical Indian double mindset? The outward pretensions and the inward real politik!

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Sonia populism vs state CMs’ populism!

Is the National Advisory Council functioning? Aruna Roy resigns, others also lie low? Sound economic principles are needed in rural infrastructure development schemes. A pity such sound economic sense is missing now!

The so many populist schemes where heavy subsidy or subsidies or almost freebies, like free ration rice as in TN, or doles for unemployed graduates and post-graduates as in UP or massive debt write-offs, as again in TN and the so many other ” free”s, like free power, free this or that are now making the current UPA schemes like the employment guarantee scheme almost as no news!  Yes, the much-touted NREGS seems to have been grounded when the rural realities hit hard!

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