Arbitrary party management! Unaccountable government?

Issues for economic and social development.

H.R. Bhardwaj

The recent Rajya Sabha nominations by the Congress party and also by parties like the JDS and the BJP factions in Karnataka and other such nominations from other states show clearly there is a shift from national consensus on such matters.

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Sen’s new book seems to raise some questions about which there can be diverse arguments. Sen doesn’t tell the whole truth. Much of the misrepresentation and distortion of Indian diversity and Indian character had been done by the Britons. These distortions we Indians had come to believe, more so the Western-educated Indians themselves.
I am a bit embarrassed to thrown names that are too big and intimidating to the average Indian readers. I mean Amartya Sen, the Nobel laureate in economics and also our Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh. The provocation for this piece was the news that recently when asked about his pastime the Prime Minister m mentioned that” just he had finished reading Sen’s recent bestseller,” Argumentative Indian”. I was not surprised to find the book a bestseller. It carries the imprint of an Indian Nobel Prize winner.

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IIM students get sky-high salaries!

So, India now a Superpower?

It seems it is time for celebrations for India! This year, the American Forbes magazine that tracks billionaires all over the world revealed for the first time that next to America India has produced so many billionaires! Not even China is near India in this league. They very language of the India’s new generation of entrepreneurs, the Indian IT professionals and the new generation of achievers, in so many fields, be it sports or arts or in every other sphere, from films to media enterprises, it looks India is fast becoming a world centre, if not a world power!

There is already this huge middle class rising! Consumer boom is visible, salaries of even the starters like  BPO workers is on the high.Rs.10,000 is the minimum salary and in Mysore there is a job mela that promises job orders on the very day of interview. Come all B.A.s and B.Com.s! Say the leaflet, jobs are for your taking, blares the voice!

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Is the government in the listening mode?

Or, is it seized of its own superiority of knowledge in this most critical sector? Farming scenario is changing for the good. Yet, the farm sector needs a  serious look from the farmer’s points of view.
Government should regulate banks and finance institutions to give funds to promote innovative commercially viable farming ventures by farmers and the younger generation agro entrepreneurs. Central Government must think afresh. The State governments too must come out with new set of agri financing corporations.

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Why keep the public in the dark?

Indian agriculture is at a critical stage. After years of self-reliance and self-sufficiency as ensured by the Green Revolution, we seem to be reversing some of the national consensus. The so-called second Green Revolution of which the PM and his colleagues seem to be imagining without fully working out the implications of the now Evergreen Revolution as envisaged or promised by the India-US Knowledge Initiative on Agriculture is full of fundamental questions. Why there is so much secrecy here?

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