Wishing V.P.Singh a long life!

V.P.Singh turned 75 and we wish the former Prime Minister a long life. Though much is made of his recent political pronouncements, and New Delhi politics now revolves around certain key personalities like Vajpayee and Sonia Gandhi, V.P.Singh makes his role for the current political scenario relevant by his recent moves to resurrect himself, his persona is such value more for non-Congress political rallying points than of much help to the Congress as such. Considering the rather low-key political visions one can associate with Vajpayee and other senior politicians on the New Delhi horizon, V.P.Singhs stands out as a more complete political and cultivated personality.

I had become an intense follower of him briefly! And that was a time in Indian politics worth recalling and worth commenting about.

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Indians themselves don’t know!

This review has to be read in the context of the criticism made about the speech of the Prime Minister Dr.Manmohan Singh when he accepted a Hon degree from Oxford University.

Discovering India’s past for the sake of Indians!
The Buddha and the Sahibs

The men who discovered Indian’s lost religion
Charles Allen, John Murray, pp 322

This is a remarkable book. This is written by an old India hand, Charles Allen has produced so many books of the Raj days, and he himself comes from a British family that had served India for six generations! This book is rather gripping in its intense truth telling passion, a passion I hope Indian readers share and reciprocate for what the author had done for restoring a great discovery of which, I doubt how many of this generation, from scholars to general readers, would be prepared for anticipating and once discovered how much they would reflect and gain by such an understanding of India’s past glory.

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Then, what about the nuclear deal with USA and our own energy security strategy?

There is a steep rise in fuel prices. They Congress play a cynical drama by Sonia posing as the savior of the poor, the Left and the BJP does what they know, taking a procession on the Delhi streets! Is this all to fuel shortages? What about really serious in-depth analysis by the government and experts and the more responsible behavior by the most senior politicians like Vajpayee, Karunanidhi and Lalu  Yadav and Sharad Pawar or even Deve Gowda? These politicians are seniors, with age and one hopes certain wisdom, and they should be doing more serious and responsible things. At least, they can ask some questions openly and ask for answers from experts who must know the difficulties better.

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Contrast the Food Processing Ministry with others!

It is agriculture that doesn’t make news for the right reasons? It is in the news for the wrong reasons!  That should explain the failures on the agriculture front. We are saying this with a sense of mission, with a sense of sorrow and with a sense of rage! Yes, now we are told that the 52 Food Parks that were set up with such fanfare, as the new big thing in taking agri/food industries forward had all failed. Now, we are told the Central Government would “revisit” the subject!  We have been making the points more often. But who bothers?

We have written to Sonia Gandhi and wonder whether she ever sees any letters from the public! At least we send her our magazine along with our letter. There doesn’t seem to be any indication she had ever seen the letter or the magazine! Simply, the Government is very complacent or very insecure! Either way, the government doesn’t function as a normal government should function. Unless the government gets the feedback, especially in a field like agriculture, the vast geography, the vast mass of the poor so unevenly distributed in so many inaccessible pockets, how your various schemes would really function in a proper way.

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Sonia Gandhi’s letter to Prime Minister

Two years achievement?

This massive import?

This government seems to have lost steam and might drive the country into an irreversible trend!  Sonia Gandhi chose to write to the Prime Minister and places it on record on his moves to enter into a free trade agreement with the Asian countries.  The PM already seems to be getting isolated within the power structure and the Cabinet too. He seems to be operating within his own chosen coterie of officials and every major decision seems to be taken behind the back of his own colleagues. Sonia Gandhi’s letter now only exposes him to the charge of neglect of the country’s vital interests. That Mrs.Gandhi chose to write to him, and that too the letter has got leaked to the press shows that there is a gap developing in the relationship and the trust between the two.

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