Bharti Mittal and Reliance entry in agri trade: blessing or a curse?

The wheat import seems to have gone unnoticed! But for the wisdom of the Rajya Sabha Chairman, Bhairon Singh Shekhavat (who only converted a Rajya Sabha question into a debate) India would have simply surrendered to foreign traps. Yes, Cargill and Wal Mart are also into the wheat procurement business, along with our own biggues, ITC and others have only played havoc with India’s time-honoured faith in food self-sufficiency as our only food security and national honour. There is every reason to suspect the villain in the piece is the recent Indo-American agriculture agreement for research strategy. Like the wheat import this highly secretive India-American partnership is suspect.

The point is that there is no public debate and the public is not taken into confidence.

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Why Ministers don’t talk as much before?

The Prime Minister might have imagined that 2 years in office is a time for celebrations. But suddenly he is caught in a multiple crisis situation. After 2 years in office is faced with perhaps the biggest crisis of his career, first, the OBC quota, next, the office of profit Bill. Will he survive the double crisis?

Or, these will the end of the road for him? The entire nation watches with much anticipation and anxiety. Manmohan Singh as an upright man is proving a pathetic figure. First he carried in his pocket a proof of residence in Assam that gave him his legitimacy as a Rajya Sabha member, now he is facing the problem is justifying his actions to prove his loyalty to Sonia Gandhi by trying to save her the embarrassment of holding office of profit and thereby he faces now the Bill getting the scrutiny of the Supreme Court even if he gets it passed in its present form.

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The government’s polices are a right package?

Prime Minister had called for one Mr.M Shashidhar Reddy for talks on” the Naxalite menace ahead of the crucial chief ministers’ conference on Naxalism in the capital last month. Who is Mr.Reddy?

He was appointed by Sonia Gandhi at the AICC as convener of the task force on Naxal violence. So much so good. At least the major political party thought fit to give thought to tackle one of the growing problems with wider implications for the future of the country, our economy and society and politics.

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NDTV/CNN-IBN channels flash the agri crisis news!

So agri crisis is now urban news! The urban media, more so the TV media catches up with the farmers suicides! Yes, something like so many thousands of farmers continuing to think of desperate steps only can create the needed sensationalism and TV viewing audience! Not bad in a country with a Prime Minister and his close advisers all indulging in a cozy inner circle where the harsh realities of the countryside are too much for their own sense of existence. After all, they have all spent their best years only in cozy government depts, so what if this one briefly in the political hot seat, just proves an irritant!

With farmers’ suicides continuing, what is the point of this government talking of vague programmes and plain non-action at grass roots?

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So, why not Rahul Gandhi too?

Rahul Gandhi had again spoken. This time on education. In Parliament. His speech was watched and applauded by ‘Mummy’, sister, brother in law and the ‘Daddy’s old pals, Suman Dubey and Romi Chopra. TN leaders, Karunanidhi “had been moved to tears by the speech and CM J mocked him (MK) for being sycophant”(Tavleen Singh). Tavleen Singh should know the goings on in the corridors of Delhi. After all she is a veteran journalist and moving in the paparazzi crowd.

Now, what ‘Rahul baba’ spoke? He said education only can empower people and he is very much concerned about people’s issues. Fine. Ms Singh writes about Rahul’s visit to Bangalore and his activities. He watched the mid-day meals scheme of the ISKCON temple, in Parliament he in fact read his speech instead of speaking (so the paparazzi political journalists giggled and winked and sneered).Let it go. Now, what he actually said? Education must be made available to the ‘toiling masses’ and the real impact of the programmes like Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan should be felt in the villages of UP and Bihar. “Mixing history with patriotism he also pointed out that Nalanda and Vikramshila were the Harvard and Cambridge of their time and it was important to revive the tradition of excellence in Indian education”.

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