Retreat from Revolutionary Rhetoric!

Charting a New Capitalist Path!  

Yes, there is a new air of great expectancy in Bengal.  A new optimism and a new sense of purpose in all walks of life. But this expectancy, this confidence is still in the hearts and minds of some people at the top. May be in the  minds of Chief Minister Mr.Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and some of his colleagues!

Alighting from the plane and coming out of Dum Dum was a great experience this time. Here I come, rather come back, after 20 long years!  Also I come back to my old haunt where I had spent some of my carefree years as a student at Tagore’s Santiniketan. Yes, I had been back in West Bengal many times. But this time, I come back with so much change in me too!  This time I come with new eyes and new ears! I am seeing things, seeing the world in a new light. As an entrepreneur and as an economist (yes, I dislike the expression businessmen and in Calcutta they have so much dislike for business and businessmen, but here I am to communicate with the readers in some clear and non-complicated language!)  I see thing, the world in black and white! Yes, your are either for creating wealth,  or helping to contribute to the persistence of poverty! So, Calcutta this time I saw in a different light. Of course in a very positive and sympathetic light.

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Why our leaders made themselves invisible?

Sonia Gandhi wrongly advised!

I terribly felt let down when on the day India celebrated Vande Mataram’s centenary, our leaders chose to hide themselves from public view! What message we sent out?

India needs a robust type of leaders! Yes, when the President of India, the Prime Minister and the Congress President chose not to be seen when the country sang the Vande Mataram, what else one should feel? Except to feel let down. It is a great tragedy that India seems to be going through a phase of a crisis of leadership. We don’t have leaders who really think for themselves. Who really think they should stand solidly with the people, with the common man. Otherwise, I was glad to see school children, more so the Muslim children in many places sang the song.

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My China connection is long and enduring!

China is not an easy country to know and understand!

What Narayanamurthy doesn’t tell!

Yes, there is the latest news about India-China mutual suspicion persisting. No one tells the whole truth. That is diplomacy and in our national interest, everyone will tell you. That is okay. But what I am coming to tell here is something much more than all these thoughts.

I have just now come back from visiting Santiniketan; this is my fourth or fifth visit after I left the place in 1959. At Santiniketan there is the famous Cheena Bhavan where I studied Chinese language for four years under the legendary Chinese scholar and a close associate of Tagore, the late Prof.Tan Yun Shan. I needn’t go into so many details but it is enough to tell that Tan was also a close associate of Chiang Kai Sheik, also of Mao and Chou En lai and many other great leaders of China.

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Government-funded vs. private-funded education systems!

All have become “exploitative”! Lost their value focus!

Every time the education debate comes alive, there is this much-talked about promoting a common school system. The big names are all here: experts like Yash Pal, Krishna Kumar, Anil Sadgopal, social activists like Aruna Roy and others. What they say? Make education largely government-funded and the neighborhood schooling would promote equality, irrespective of caste, class and other discriminations. It was the common schooling still for the vast majority in the countryside.

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Are we all not becoming small men?

Yes, certain thoughts seem to keep coming!

Indians have some months or even days devoted to some rituals. August 15. January 26. October is reserved for Gandhi Jayanthi. And what is more funny is the fact that each passing year we seem to be having men and leaders to celebrate these days for us, the citizens, the subjects, the mass! The leaders in turn seem to be becoming smaller and smaller in stature!

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