A culturally rich India! This is the India I want to promote!

What India we think of when we think of India? What is the genius of India? Ask a politician or leaders in any areas! Religion or industry. You will be disappointed!
They will have their own answers. As for the professional leaders they might think of their professions or they might speak from their point of view. Politicians we can dismiss! I don”t think we in India today have any political leader we can think of as role models. The members of the political class, those practising politics, are all selfcentered if not downright selfish. Luckily, the recent Assembly elections saw some hard lessons, the dynastic elements, the family members were all defeated or run for cover! Let us hope the Indian voters, the common people learn to do their democratic rights as seriously in the days to come. We are having a democracy and we have to defend it, explain it, make it more truly democratic a society and nation.

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There was this newspaper report on the rise in bad manners across classes and nations. President Bush America is shown up as a new high in political bad manners and bad behaviour among the high and mighty!

The September II terror attack coincided with the American President showing up in lacking moral courage, he went speechless for some time! And he was in fact teaching school children at that very moment When he must have showed up what leadership was all about! Also Bush language, his body language his verbal infelicity displayed to the wide world that here was a world leader,leader of the world’s most powerful nation, who is just a pigmy.

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Yet, the Indian mindset, our mentality remains the same!

Large scale Indian migrant population today.

Large scale racist, religious abroad, violence against fellow Indians in the Indian states!

Has the dominant Indian mindset changed?

A caste society might become progressively a class society?

Indians seem to be living blissfully unaware of the world outside, also the country inside. There is violence, racist attacks against Indian students, across the global arena where the Indians these days are jealous migrants!

Inside India, our selfish political locals has crafted a political culture of exclusion,anti-North,anti-Hindi,anti-Brahmin(TN),anti-Biharis(Maharashtra),anti-“foreigners” as ULFA does in Assam. So, where is India in all these chauvinistic politics, this fascist mindset? So, what Indian mindset we are witnessing or aspiring for? Who can ask such questions? Who can answer such questions either? So, every one of us seem to be living for ourselves, our families, building our own little dynasties?

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Günter Grass

There is so much is happening in the world, everyday in our lives that often raise so much concern and questions of right and wrong and yet we don’t seem to go beyond the daily news items. Life has become faster and so too our attention span. Yet, such questions don’t seem to go away. They seem to be coming back and with such frequency.

The immediate provocation for this piece of writing was a series of news items and events, legal and judicial pronouncements that disturb our deeply held beliefs and convictions. First came the German Nobel Prize winner for literature, Günter Grass. He had hidden his past association with Hitler’s army when he was just 17.Now, his autobiography reveals that dark chapter in his life and there is uproar. In a short piece in the Guardian newspaper, John Berger, novelist and critic has defined Grass and has give his own defense. That is alright.

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The Hindu carried out a survey about the youth aspirations and where they are moving forward. It gave new insights and new thoughts.

Here are some of the basic findings.

First, the urban/rural information divides. Newspaper reading habits had grown up dramatically. 55% read newspapers and this 74% for the urban readers. On the other hand, book reading habits seem to have taken a beating. There is a clear sign that books are not read as widely as we would have imagined. Only 7% interviewed say they read books, for even urban readers it is just 14%.This is not a healthy sign. There is in fact a book publishing explosion and book festivals are now a universal phenomenon. Yet, in India it is see that books buying and reading is not as healthy as it should be.

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