Bifurcate the HRD Ministry!

We need a bold new culture policy to preserve our ancient heritages and to project our contemporary brand image.

Before I write about anything else this time, I have to mention two events, one exciting, one saddening. The exciting this is about the archeological discoveries in Athens, Greece, where they have unearthing of  a marble bust of Aristotle, the roman coins showing Brutus, the murderer of Julius Caesar. There is going to be a three-storey New Acropolis Museum.

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We seem to be reading our daily newspapers and much of the books or TV news as dished out by American media.
Have you ever thought of who gives us these news or views or thought processes?

Yes, it is the world newspapers, world TV channels controlled by nine transnational corporations America dominates a monopoly of colonialism. Even the established Indian newspapers shamelessly fill their pages from US/UK news media! This is the hard truth! The mergers and acquisitions of the large media companies in 2000 had produced this media monopoly in the modern world we live in!

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Criminal defamation, Contempt of court, Violation of legislature privileges.

Can the hidden cameras/sting operations justified?

Press Freedom is a much talked about subject. Just now, Mr. N. Ram, the Editor-in-Chief of The Hindu has delivered a lecture in Hyderabad  at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the High Court of  AP had dealt with this much hyped subject. What is new in his lecture? What is not new?

Yes, there have been changes in the media world. Indian press had grown up with the freedom struggle. The Emergency saw the assault of the State against press freedom in its brutal forms. Now?

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