A French priest I knew long ago

What individuals can do?

Every one of us can make a difference to the quality of life around us!

Yes, I have often wondered how individuals have done so much good. Yet, we often forget the do-gooders or under-rate their power of influence for long-term impact.Yet, we are often carried away by the individuals who are capable of doing much evil and underminse society’s values, value systems by systematic evil!

I am not thinking of the great evil doers like Hitler in history. I am thinking of evil doers, those who have so much impulse to suppress fellow citizens, in modern societies. Even in our own democracy, we encounter this phenomenon of evil doers, don’t we?

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Date : 06.01.2007

Mrs.Sonia Gandhi,
Indian National Congress,
10, Jan Path, New Delhi-1100001

Dear Mrs.Gandhi,

Sub: Indian National Congress-122 year celebration-regarding

I take this opportunity of sending you the greetings on the occasion of the 122 years celebration of the Party, that took place at the AICC headquarters.

My thoughts ranged far and wide, as I had had my years, though a brief few months, but nevertheless the momentous time when the great stalwarts were presiding over the party. I served under  the then  President, the great Kamaraj, the treasurer of the party, Atulya Ghosh, and the General Secretary, Sadiq Ali and others.

I was privileged to work during the 1967 General Elections and as such I was moving closely with all the great persons, Mrs.Indira Gandhi and Moraji Desai were very much regularly attending the Working Committee meetings. Oh, that was perhaps, the last great time when the party was united and presented a formidable front. Alas! Then things changed, the party lost in many states, Kamaraj himself lost to an unknown student!

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Date : 29.01.2007

Sri Ashokamitran,
Flat-A, 1A, 9th cross Avenue,
Dandeeswaram, Velachery
Chennai-600 042
Ph 22432703

Dear Sri Ashokamitran,

Thank you for your prompt reply. That is unusual for Tamil writers, it seems!

No one bothers these days  to even acknowledge even when you take the trouble of sending them your highly prized and  (priced )books with so much trouble! Such is the absence of basic etiquette and elementary manners among the literary personalities, not to speak of any other sophistication.

There are of course exceptions. The late Vallikannan was a great friend and he was a regular writer of such sophisticated and well-argued long letters, written in  such  exquisite handwriting and  with such cosmopolitan outlook. I would dearly miss him now.

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Mrs.Reena Ganguly,
West Bengal
Phone:O3463- 264944

Dear friend,

It is quite a long time since I sat down to write a letter to you. Hope you are all fine.

Now, just yesterday evening Kartik put your photo along with Kushi on my Internet site (www.v.isvarmurti.com)you can see there.

The site is now being developed by Kartik of course cataloguing all my writings so far and also photos and videos etc. I wanted to write to you and also to Mr.Suranjana Ghosh asking for any photos of our days in Santiniketan. Can you put in a word to Mr.Ghosh? There is one I know I saw in Pijush Gosh house when I visited him long time ago. It was a pity this time though I very much wanted to pay a visit to his Mrs. I couldn’t do so. What a pity. I must rectify it next time surely.

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His Excellency A.P.J.Abdul Kalam,
Rashtrapathi Bhavan,
New Delhi

Dear Your Excellency,

Subject: Promoting Indian talent, recognising great individuals

I take this opportunity of writing to you, once again, on a subject that has been agitating my mind for long and I am sure that would be equally agitating some of our fellow countrymen and women.

Under your years in the high office, the Government of India, as far as I know, hasn’t conferred any Bharat Ratna on any Indian of eminence so far. Why this has been so? I wonder Whether we as a people have become incapable of recognising talents and achievements among our people. I feel pained to think so.

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