Can he really sustain his newly-won credibility?
Subsidised power and free water!
Can this one more version of freebies last for sometime at least?

kejriwal_rally_240314Yes, this is not the time to ask such questions. No one would care for the same!
Such is the flavour of the season politics. Even the great Modi, the otherwise new hero of Indian politics is somewhat dimmed in his appeal, thanks to the Delhi rout and also for one or two other reasons.

Even now, Modi is faced with the emerging contradictions, as in J&K government formation. How can the BJP give up on its basic beliefs? But then see there is no other way in J&K. The PDP is a principled party and it didn’t give up its principles for the sake of power. That is one reason why the BJP with all its dogmatic hold couldn’t win over Mufti Sayeed, the new PDM Chief Minister. The Article 370 surrender is very clear message. The BJP, rather, is the party that might go for the sake of power for its own sake. See how it drafted Kiren Bedi and then forgot about it as if it was just a bad dream.

Now, our new hero on the horizon, Mr.Arvind Kejriwal seems to be the man for all seasons. He is here, there and everywhere. He sat on the dais with Anna Hazare and said something. Did he really say anything that was meaningful? Or, was it just for the sake of publicity? Also, he sat with Vaiko, the Dravidian hero who too had lost his steam and now seen with anybody and for any cause.

This sort of politics had been played out for quite some time. Now, it is time to call some bluffs for what they are. See the Kejriwal’s promise of power at half the price and water free.

Can he sustain this heavy subsidy bill?

That is on everyone’s mind and yet no one likes to forgo their reputation by asking any hard questions. Of course, it is old wine and nothing new about it.

But let us realise that power bought by the Delhi government at the outsider costs Rs.5.50 per unit from PSU power producers. From private producers it costs on average Rs. 3.70.Now if you, as a government start supplying power at half the rates, how much it would cost in a year?

Delhi government budget is Rs. 40,000 crore. Okey. What about the other demands on this budget. It is as high as you can imagine. There are so many unauthorised colonies and can you get their all regularised without running into further many commitments.

Is there any calculation, a blueprint or an honest introspection or transparency?
One doubts. Mr.Kejriwal with all his charm and endearment and the new glow on his face after humbling the might Modi, is all confidence and enthusiasm.

All we like to remind the readers here is that we read now a book on the Dictators during the interwar period, from 1919 to 1945.Author: Elizabeth Wiseman. Fontana Press, 1966.When she comes to Hitler, she says that Hitler promised the moon to the demoralised German people. Hitler is the first author of populist politics! That too in a democracy. Don’t we know that Hitler won an infamous election in 1934 with decisive majority? Posing himself as a prophet!
He is, it seems the first leader to promise so many faslehoods. The people rallied round him as never before other peoples!

Any politician or politicians who speaks extremes, extreme language is an enemy of the poor and the weaker sections. The extreme language of race, language or region can always stir the poor, the primitive emotions of the poor and the unemployed.

Right in India, in TN, the two Dravidian parties did the same and they swept to power alternatively. The great Kamaraj was forgotten. Both Haryana and Punjab near to Delhi promised free power for agriculture.

Now, the free power or free colour TV sets or mixies or grinders, the latest fad in TN is free saris and dhotis!

Please give all things free. But then you would really come to regret one day.
Let our friends in AAP go slow and pause before further subsidies.

Give good governance. LokPal and RTI. Dont forget your priorities!

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