Delusion of persecution and self-importance!
This is according to the Oxford dictionary!

Why Indians have this mental disorder? Yes, paranoia is a mental disorder, says the same dictionary!

Now, the point is why Indians praise other countries? Blackout some others? And also find some mental satisfaction of a negative kind by not writing more about our own achievements or make a realistic assessment or believe in our own capacity to self-analyse ourselves?

A case in point is that when it comes to praising China, there is a section of the media and also the academic community in this country, including the academics, the NRIs based in the USA and elsewhere, we see they praise China and don’t give the Indians the needed background information on a whole lot of realities within China itself.
And also consider this. We Indians now don’t know a thing about what is happening inside Russia, do we? And yet there is no such interest or enthusiasm to know or report on the internal situation in Russia.

We don’t know anything about agriculture or the villages in Russia. While there is a great deal of reporting and even biased talks and assessments about the achievements in China.

Just now we saw this report in the much admired The Hindu newspaper. That too reported by its own editor-in chief Mr.N.Ram. This report has appeared in the paper dated February 27, 2009.

It is about Tibet. The title of the report is: Tibet on road of rapid uplift: N.Ram
Fine. Now, what is the content of the report?

It is obviously a biased or even a motivated and who knows it might be even a paid insert.
Because the opening passage itself gives out the game.”A prominent Indian journalist rejected” Tibetan Independence propaganda”, saying thee region’s economic growth was good and the atmosphere was relaxed”.

The report continues:”The problems are largely in the minds of some sections abroad, in make-believe Tibet”, and in the propaganda of the pro-independence movement of the Dalai Lama” “N.Ram, Editor in Chief of The Hindu, a leading English daily, told Xinhua in Beijing.

“Mr.Ram’s comments came after he concluded a three day visit to southwest China’s Tibet Autonomous Region earlier that week. It was his third visit to China since 2000”
Then Ram says and this is the report:

“People asked why I went to Tibet again and again, said Mr.Ram, attributing the visit to his interest to do a reality check”

Then the report continues:”Mr.Ram described how the Dalai Lama, “the so-called Tibetan government in exile” were active in India and some other countries claiming  Tibetans were being reduced to a minority by the Han people and proclaiming a Greater Tibet with a population of six million”.

Then the Indian editor goes on to explain how Tibet today is on the road towards a rapid economic development, from the capital city Lhasa to underdeveloped villages, schools, orphanages and factories.

So, Ram is clearly on a propaganda mission on behalf of the Chinese government.
What interest the Indian readers, the Indian people would have in knowing the economic statistics, population statistics and much about the celebration of their new year etc.
He drove widely, it seems and had seen the much progress by his very same eyes.
This is the sort of writing we used to read long ago whenever visitors from India or from elsewhere went to Soviet Russia and came back.

It is a real tragedy that Indians now at the time and this age still are being led by a paranoia of the worst kind.

We either praise the USA or the West or go to the other extreme of praising the much oppressive society like the Chinese, and the government with no political party except the one and only one of the most controlled variety and now we still find it very clever or intelligent to visit China and praise China and compare the rest of the world in some unfavourable light, including India!

This is what most of the  Indian intelligentsia who claim to be leftists and Marxists, even those high profile Indian academics who labour hard to retain their reputation at Harvard or some such prestigious universities back at home. These visiting academics come once a while and lecture Indians how they should mind their business!

Who else goes to China and who can dare speak about India’s progress, India’s agriculture and our own rural development programes.

None at present, it seems.

We have also a dubious type of government machinery here, headed by the very same type of economic experts, all World Bank employees now cosying up under the dispensation of Sonia Gandhi and what a pity India is an orphan when it comes to articulating India’s very many unique strengths and at the same time we have to put up with these traitors and traitor-like behaviour of the Indian intelligentsia.

We need a new definition of the Indian paranoia. This entrenched Indian mental disorder where we find Indians go out of the way to praise China or the USA and at the same time, we don’t find Indians courageous enough to seek a balance when it comes to taking an objective account of the state of developments, say, in Russia or South Korea or China itself, whenever we want to find out how we are progressing in this country on certain of the crucial sectors of the economy and society.

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