They make all the difference! In cultivating public sensitivity!

Former Karnataka Chief Minister writes Ramayana poem

Vishva Mohan Bhatt invents Mohana Veena Javed Akthar lives life on the fast lane!
These are only just three examples. There are so many others in so many diverse fields!
They are all creative people.
They are creative artists. There are inventors, designers and builders of visions and great dreamers.There are activists for many great causes, from environment to civil society movements and fighters and agitators and street fighters.

These are worthy citizens and we need to sing their praise! Society must applaud the great citizens, the great role models and the creative people in all walks of life.

Pundit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt is one Indian musician who stands out as a role model.Yes, there are others. Even the venerable Gangubhai Hangal stands out.The other day when the Chief Minister came late and left the venue to felicitate her in Dhraward, there was a strom of protest from the audience.This shows how we in India don’t yet come to realise what makes for education and culture. This is what we are driving at here. Education is not just degrees and jobs and then sheer faceless existence. Education is for living a lively life! Now,education doesnt do that.It does the opposite!

Education must be turned into a cultural experience. That was what Tagore did in his Santiniketan. That is what we have do in our own generation.More so when the forces of economic change downgrade everything that doesn’t give you immediate jobs or immediate high salary.It companies may be doing great things.They have also been exerting rather disproportionate influence in down grading the finer aspects of living.There is no emphasis in our life for the finer values, we don’t have no time! So,we end up as machines,mere something like a new form of wildlife!

Vishwa Mohan Bhat is an innovative musician.He created a new aesthetic paradigm,his fusion music has drawn a vast listening audience,His music is traditional as well as innovative.That is what we needed in every sphere of our cultural life.Our lives must be tuned to creative living,creative enjoyment.Bhatt had modified guitar, calls it Mohan Veena. In his Grammy award winning composition,”A meeting by the river”he chose the theme of joy and the navras comes into full play in his music.He could draw frenzy crowd of one lakh people in far off USA! His remixes has created a new genre of Indian classical music and the listening pleasure thanks to his innovations had led to a new generation of music listeners.

Javed Akthar, the film lyricist is another innovator. He now symbolises all that is upbeat in the Indian cultural and even in the social and poltiical scene. He has no fear and he has no limits to his freedom of expression.He could call a spade a spade.How many artists and even others in different professions can do that?

The average educated Indians are boring individuals.Our education had made the masses of undifferentiating crowds in front of employment exchanges and the big company gates! Education doesn’t make for individuals with personalities of their own or individuals as creative citizens, educated Indians are no assets to the larger community. Educated Indians are becoming more as liabilities!

The more we educate with high cost, the more want to leave the country! What sort of education is this?Why we make so much fuss about this faceless education ideology? Indian minds are not yet free!Nor yet freed! This is the undone,unattempted task of education!

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