Vadamalai mission is clear!

We consider farmers success is our success!

Whatever we undertake, we strive for making the farmers succeed. in their investments, in their maximisation of their incomes and profits. Also, we are clear that wherever farmers face problems we strive to solve them. In a practical way.

We are a strategic consulting organisation where our every step is aimed at trying to overcome problems. We reach for the best possible solution to farmers issues.
That is our mission. In introducing new and innovative ways in doing agribusiness.

We identify new crops, new business models and take steps to bring the best business practices.

In Indian agriculture what we are doing is unprecedented and as a group into print media and online website and strategies consulting, we have a formidable winning team and a winning strategy. In this our clients also stand to benefit from our experiences in evolving a win-win success strategy. Let us join together and help to transform Indian agriculture into a self-sustaining, profit making viable business activity.

Yes, that is how Vadamalai is committed to farmers’ next steps in development.

We are not like a government agency! We say this so that farmers and farm businessmen who come to us know well that farming and farm-based entrepreneurial activities have to be done by a new set of rules and mindset changes!

The Prime Minister is talking that the agri sector had failed and it is not growing. It had grown only 1.5 per cent for the last few decades and it must grow at least 4 per cent if the 10 th plan target growth of 8.1 per cent is to be realised. The PM plainly confesses the 10th plan target growth cant be realised.

At least the PM is a honest man, he speaks the truth.
The pity is the government doesn’t know how to change the Indian agriculture’s current set of problems of low growth and only the growth of the misery of the helpless farmers. Faced with stagnation in agri sector and lack of activities in the countryside, people, younger and able bodied men and women have moved to take up non-farm jobs in non-rural sectors. It is another thing that even teen age, school educated girls are now working in a wide variety of jobs and these urban business exploit the unsuspect youth at night shift works and the pitiable wages. Yet, there is steady monthly payment. In farm sector the regularity of jobs or incomes are not there.

The PM talks of the need for more investments in agriculture.
Who will invest in agriculture? The PM also speaks of public-private sector models of growth. Even the public-private partnership needs more teeth, talk to a banker, he won’t know! Infact, nobody knows!
If you want a bank loan it is still an uphill task. Bankers ask all sorts of records, to get land records from the revenue department is like getting into an animal cage! If you can come out without getting bruised then you are lucky!

So, this or that record, often bank funds come only after a long delay and agriculture is a seasonal activity. So, we say to bank bosses : put the bankers at Vadamalai Consultancy for some time every time the banks plan their bank lending to agri sector! We can give them some practical guide. Let every bank get linked to our own agri website. So that bankers get acquainted with what is going on in the practical, market-driven agri sector. How any banker can understand what are the global agri market preferences? He can’t. The only way is to get to the website on agri sector and Google gets you linked to our site.
Agriculture sector lacks current up-to-date information. Our government officials are accustomed to only withholding information! So what chance you get the latest information? Only we at Vadamalai had broken this mould and our website provides the latest information on whatever sector in agriculture you need.

So, your first step in private sector style agribusiness is to learn to get the latest information. Then, farmers and agri businessmen need to become market oriented.

We don’t find anyone thinks doing business in agri sector is easy. It is not! It is more difficult than in industry! For the age-old mindset of the farmers and the officials are all not tuned to the current emerging market scenario in the agri sector.

Yes, you can do successful agri business but you need some basic steps. These basic steps is what Vadamalai Consultancy provides!
As our mission is to promote private sector model businesses and we have stake in the success of everyone of the business we are promoting!
Our interests and the farmers interests are one and the same!


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