Hospitalisation charges in small towns in India are very high. Recently two people I knew underwent a heart bypass operation.
One of them did the operation at Kuppuswamy Naidu hospital in Coimbatore. The total bill for him came upto Rs 2.5 lakhs. The other person I knew underwenta similar operation (CABG) at Wockhardt Hospital at Bangalore. This operation was done by the well known cardiologist Dr Vivek Jawali. The bill for this operation was also Rs 2.5 lakhs.

I would tend to assume that the operation in the smaller town (Coimbatore) would be less expensive than that conducted by a well known doctor in a big city like Bangalore. But the cost of the operation in both the places is the same.

People in smaller towns in India should preferably try to visit the nearest big city and meet well known doctors for medical treatment. Most probably they will get better quality treatment at roughly the same cost they would incurr in the less well known hospitals in their home towns.

Kartik Isvarmurti


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